Is Your But Too Big?

Do you have a big but problem? You’ll never be successful, happy and wealthy if your but is too big.

Here, let me show you why…

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“But I have so little to offer.”

“But I’m too scared.”

“But I don’t have anything worthy to offer.”

“But everyone in my life keeps bursting my bubble.”

“But I’m not pretty or skinny enough.”

“But I’m broken.”

“But no one believes in me anymore.”

But I’m a victim

“But I’m a victim.”

“But everyone tells me I can’t do it.”

“But no one loves me.”

“But I’m the ugly one.”

“But I’m too old.”

“But I can’t keep up with all this new-fangled technology.”

“But my life is too complicated and I’m too entangled.”

“But it’s a dog-eat-dog world and I’m terrified of dogs.”

“But my wishes never come true.”

“But I don’t have anything unique to offer.”

“But I’m stuck (in a boring job; in my marriage; in this godforsaken town).”

“But I don’t know where to find what I need.’

“But it takes too much work.”

“But I’m broke.”

“But no one wants to help me.”

“But there’s not enough time.”

“But it’s too complicated.”


Please, already…. Shut your big but up!

The next time you hear the “big but” voice in your head, confront it. Put up your dukes and pound it to pieces. Shove those poisonous buts into your garbage disposal and pulverize them. Wash the toxic remains away and watch as they swirl down the drain and become one with the rest of the sewage.

Kick your big but’s a$$.

Until you conquer your “big but” problem, it’ll hold you back and prevent you from achieving success.

Our lives are nothing but the stories we tell ourselves. If you don’t like the story your life has become — tell yourself a better one. Think about all of the things you can do instead of the things you can’t. Start a different internal conversation and you’ll become wealthy in more ways than one.

Imagine the kind of person you want to be and think the thoughts that person would think. Act the way that person would act. Once you start behaving like this person, others will start treating you like that person. You’ll start to believe it. Then it will be true. Then you’ll be open to learn. Open to change. Open to grow. You’ll be ready to allow success, wealth and happiness into your life. Researchers find that an optimistic personal outlook is more than just seeing the bright side of things. Believing in yourself actually produces increases in good health, motivation, and achievement in most people. (Schulman, P. 1999. “Applying Learned Optimism to Increase Sales Productivity”)

Make no excuses. Allow it to happen. If it works for me, then why not you? Your new life will astound you.

(Hey now, I said no more buts!)

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22 thoughts on “Is Your But Too Big?”

  1. Loved your post and the pictures gave me a good laugh. Your message rang very true to me, especially since I am newly retired and still working on finding my groove. Your playful words and writing style are just plain fun to read, but your message is a one to ponder deeply and seriously.

  2. A great message. It’s so easy for us to make excuses. It’s so easy for me to say BUT for a lot of things, however life only moves forward when we get past the BUTs and find a solution. Your blog is a continued source of inspiration.

  3. I love this post!! It was incredibly entertaining and moving as well! I really enjoyed it. :)

  4. One of the best day of my life was finding and putting your
    blog link on one of my blogs.
    We could do with more people like you in our live’s.
    You’re a master with words and now also pictures.
    Just keep your great message coming.

  5. Love this message. Yeah, my but is too big and now I’m motivated to do something about it! Thanks.

  6. What an amazing post. I am so glad that I found your blog.

    Now that is it. It is time to Shut My Big BUT up and start doing what I need to be doing and should be doing. Thanks for the boost.

  7. Yes yes YES…thank you…sounds great. I would like to reference you on my blog…is that ok?

  8. Thanks everyone. I really had fun with this one!
    Dawn, yes of course, I’d be honored to have you reference it on your blog. Thanks!

  9. My BUT is too big in two ways!!!!! Thanks so much for this. I’m on the eve of something new and my big BUTS keep getting in the way. Thanks so much for reminding me how to look at them for what they are!

  10. well! i finally found you! had to do a yahoo search….was a little concerned about what happened to you and your blog.

  11. I LOVE THIS!!! Very inspiring to get yourself in line, and I have 5 little (in-law) brothers and sisters that are very, very, painfully slowly learning these lessons in life. BUT lol they are getting there, this was also a nice reminder for myself to stop making up excuses and get some stuff done I have been putting off.

  12. 1. You are totally on the money. One can’t make excuses and one has to believe in him/herself.
    2. The title is catchy and LOL funny!

  13. Hi Jen,

    Your life is inspirational and congratulations for achieving your goals! Just like you, I hope to inspire people to take control of their lives with my business motivational books, Boss of Me! and my upcoming Sleep & Get Rich!

    Pearlin Siow
    “All the resources you need to be your own boss!”

    The Essential Post-pregnancy Weight Loss Guide
    “How to lose post-pregnancy weight in 2 months WITHOUT leaving home!”

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