May 2009

Tweet Recently, I wrote the “The World’s Shortest Guide On How To Be Thin and Rich“. Here’s the how-to-be-rich part, in it’s entirety: Spend less money than you earn (or to put it another way, make more money than you spend) Invest in your future That’s it! Truly, this is all it takes to achieve […]


How to Make Money Management a Family Affair

by Millionaire Mommy Next Door on May 14, 2009

in How To Guide,Raising Money-Smart Kids

Tweet We are raised to believe that talking about money is rude, embarrassing or boastful. But where has this belief gotten us? Without open discussion, money management often becomes a mysterious and difficult task, causing strife in our lives and relationships. Our children learn from our example. If we behave as though money management is […]


Tweet Happy Mother’s Day! While eagerly waiting for our adoption referral from China, we gave much thought to parenting. How would we raise our daughter to be strong and independent; sensitive and thoughtful; curious and happy? Obviously, I don’t believe money is the biggest determination of a meaningful and joyful life. Success and happiness come […]


Tweet More specifically, does the commonly given investing advice to “buy and hold” really work?  Or have the rules changed? During the past several decades, the prevailing advice has been something like this: “Diversify your investments, buy stock in good companies, and hold them until you retire. The value of stocks (and real estate) always […]