September 2009

Is The Key To Wealth Found In A Book?

by Millionaire Mommy Next Door on September 24, 2009

in Book Review,Success Principles

Tweet I often scan the business and finance section at our bookstore for new book covers. Virtually every week, I find new titles. Row upon row of money books. How many ways can money be discussed? Which one holds the key to wealth and financial freedom? More importantly: If the answer to wealth is revealed […]


Tweet This is a guest post written by Todd Tresidder. How do you know if you are saving enough so you can afford to retire? And more importantly, are you saving enough to retire with confidence so that you can support your present lifestyle without running out of money early? To answer these questions, you […]


Why Women Need More Money Than Men (and how to get what we need!)

by Millionaire Mommy Next Door on September 13, 2009

in How To Guide,Making Money

Tweet Women need more money than men. Why? No, not so we can buy more shoes, handbags and manicures. We need more money because we live longer than men, make significantly less salary than our male peers, and are more likely to be single parents raising a family on one income. Having a child is […]


Tweet Aim, Ready, Fire! Entrepreneur CliffsNotes from a Penny-Pinching, Pajama-Clad, Self-Made Millionaire (photo by Okinawa Soba) This is a lengthy post (2500+ words) as it contains nearly everything I know about how to be your own boss, in an abbreviated 3-phase format. If you’ve ever dreamed of making money doing something you love to do, […]