Being in Debt Doubles Your Risk of Being Overweight

by Millionaire Mommy Next Door on October 8, 2009

in Debt Reduction

The likelihood of being overweight or obese doubled with increasing indebtedness, an association that could not be explained by other socioeconomic or medical factors, according to an article published online in the journal BMC Public Health.

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Adam Baker, mid-twenties, boldly exposes his dual battle with debt and weight by openly blogging all about it. I was first drawn to Baker’s blog because he and his family recently moved to New Zealand. (My husband and I spent about a month in New Zealand and considered moving there, too.) But now, I also read Baker’s blog because I want to understand what makes his generation tick, particularly when it comes to thoughts and choices made about money.

Today, Baker asked his readers, “would you rather be fat or in debt”?

I am puzzled by Baker’s question. Here’s the comment I left on his post:

I can’t pick one option over the other because I choose neither. I can’t comprehend why I’d want to pick one because “neither” is a realistic answer. I’m stumbling over WHY you feel you need to pick one to be more important over the other, Baker. I think it’s okay to want to be fit AND debt-free. Maybe I missed something between the lines of your post.

May I suggest that rather than waiting until after you lose weight to do the kick-ass things you want to do, do them now. Live your life as though you are thin, fit and healthy and your body will catch up. Don’t look at this as a weight-loss diet. Look at this as your forever lifestyle choice. Otherwise you will bounce back and forth between fat and not, fat and not. AND THE SAME GOES WITH YOUR DEBT ISSUES!

Sorry to shout that last sentence.

You are courageous, open and honest and this is a huge start to something great. Many sweep these issues under the rug… and they stay there, festering. Keep your eye on how you want to live your life and you will live it!

I am not being insensitive, just curious. I wonder why indebtedness increases one’s odds of being overweight. What is the common thread between the two?

My weight has always been within the ideal range for my height and frame size. I’ve been mulling this topic over today and I’ve realized that I maintain my healthy weight in much the same way that I maintain my finances.

  • I identify and visualize what I want. I think healthy and rich thoughts so I am more likely to behave accordingly. Thoughts affect actions, actions affect outcome.
  • I take inventory on a regular basis. I weigh my net worth, spending and eating choices, and body.
  • I am mindful of and replenish my limited daily supply of self-control.
  • I avoid temptation: I grocery shop after I’ve eaten with a list in hand, I don’t hang out at the mall, I don’t look through catalogs or surf ebay.
  • I am willing to trade short term instant gratification for long-lasting, kick-ass benefits.
  • I search for and enjoy substitutes: Think baked sweet potato wedges drizzled with olive oil, dusted with cinnamon, and broiled until edges are crispy– rather than greasy McDonald’s french fries. Or think world travel, month-long vacations, picnics and delicious organic foods instead of fancy new cars, expensive restaurants, and closets full of clothes I’ll never wear.

Why and how do you think weight and money management outcomes are correlated?

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