Podcast: Unconventional Path to Becoming a Millionaire

Recently, I responded to several questions posed by Flexo and Tom from Consumerism Commentary. They created a 21 minute podcast of our conversation. Here is a sampling of the content:

  • how I used apprenticeship programs as an alternative to formal schooling, to land a job, and then to hire my own employees
  • my motivation for becoming financially independent
  • how we purchased our first home
  • my decision to delay parenting
  • the somewhat “unconventional” financial steps I took that lead my husband and I across the millionaire threshold
  • why after 17 years of homeownership, we decided to become renters
  • a few of the ways I am raising our daughter using important life lessons I’ve learned

I think Flexo and Tom do a great job with their podcasts — so much so that I am considering hiring Tom to edit and polish some podcast material for my blog. As part of my book’s research, I am interviewing other first generation, self-made millionaires who are under the age of 55. I am recording these conversations. My intention is to include a variety of these financial success case studies and profiles to illustrate various principles in my book. Before I commit to the expense of creating podcasts, I want to know: Do you listen to and enjoy podcasts or do you prefer that I share these stories in written blog post format?

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Please take a second to respond to the poll above, then head on over to Consumerism Commentary to listen to the podcast. I’d appreciate your feedback about this podcast — and your experience with podcasts in general — in the comments section. (Note: Email subscribers and RSS feed readers, you will need to click through to my blog to do so.) Thanks!

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17 thoughts on “Podcast: Unconventional Path to Becoming a Millionaire”

  1. Hi — would love to do an interview with you for your book! Also, I like podcasts + transcripts. I don’t learn well from audio alone.


  2. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I am just not as engaged by podcasts or video posts. It’s so much harder to go back and reference material, for one, and I don’t get to digest it at my own pace. Clearly it’s a format that works better for others, probably dependent on your learning style.

  3. I listened to the podcast and really enjoyed it. However, I think I prefer to read blog posts. I think I’m a visual learner so my preference is to read and digest. I find it harder to absorb auditory information,

  4. I LOVE both…I subscribe to a few podcast that i download to my itunes and listen to them on the way to work or when I’m out walking – much better than TV or the Radio and fills my mind with greatness…loved your candid podcast and would enjoy a podcast probably as much as I do your blog!! :)


  5. As much as I enjoy watching videos on the web, since I really only have time to browse my favorite blogs in the wee hours of the morning, I’m not really able to listen to a pod-cast so early in the day. So, for me, reading a blog is much more doable.

    Please keep posting, I love reading them-
    Little House

  6. That was a good interview. I am learning a lot from you and I’ve been a follower of your blog since I bumped into it a few months ago. =)

  7. I have a slew of podcasts that I follow regularly. I listen to them on my commute (which is fairly short nowadays) and for the 1 hour it takes to get ready for work in the morning. I also typically read your blog via an RSS reader. Both are available via my iPhone.

  8. I want to say it depends on what I may be dealing with at the time. Sometimes I need the visual effect to understand the concept, and if Im reading, well my image of what is going on will be different from the next reader. So I have to go with both.

  9. This was a great interview. I learned so much from you. I am a 25 yr old trying to secure a good financial future. I read all of your post and think this was something that I needed to hear. I blog about affordable fashion and I want to take myself to the next level and the segment about apprenticeships really put everything in focus. I am now researching some fashion avenues in my area to see what my options are. And one last thing, you talking about going form homeownership to renting was great. I read something about that recently. The stigma of society tell you you have to buy a house it the “American Dream”. I am glad that you show that just because you are aganist the grain you have accomplished so much. Please keep up the great work, you truley inspire me.

  10. Loved this podcast :) It’s very inspiring to hear how you thought for yourself, did for yourself, and did not listen to the “concensus” opinions. I like also how you are raising your child. She’s a lucky girl :)

  11. I chose a combination because I am not always available for the podcast time period. For the past two years I have enjoyed your emails. My savings has grown from an average $1,500 to $35,000. I have committed to saving a set amount but also some unexpected money has come my way which I have saved all of it. I think changing your mindset along with action and education has contributed to my money growth. My next step is to pay my mortgage off early. Any suggestions?

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