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9 thoughts on “Archives”

  1. Hi Millionaire Mommy,

    I absolutely love your blog. You are very generous with your knowledge and have inspired so many of us. I know you had some website trouble and had to change sites/domains, but is there a way to get to some older archives? I’m specifically interested in your first post about the 30 Day Abundance Project. I’m sorry if I’m just missing it!

    Kind regards,
    Leilani Shaffer

  2. Leilani,
    Thanks for your nice compliments. I will repost the Abundance exercise onto this new blog soon — unfortunately, I’m dealing with a new computer woe at the moment and I’ll have to wait until the data on one of my hard drives is recovered to retrieve that post. Hopefully next week!

  3. Hi Jen,
    I like your blog and I strongly believe you are inspiration to the world , most of them live and die with no mission in life, I want your permission to use your name and reference in my book project .
    Keep up the good work…….
    Jessi dhillon

  4. i have no idea how i came across your website a year ago, but I definitely became a follower after i first read your blog. i just got married last month and I’m scanning your archives to copy and print some articles i wanted my husband to know about finances!
    thank you for all your posts! they sure help! =D

  5. Hi! I just found your blog and am loving it! I feel like I’m learning so much! My husband and I are in our mid-twenties, just finishing college next month, have hefty student loans, and are still job searching. Where do we start with our plan? We’ve decided that for the next two years we will continue to live as poor college students so that one entire income can be devouted to paying the loans offs, but what then? We know nothing of investments, how to start a business, etc. It’s a bit overwhelming!

  6. Hi, your website is a precious gem on this web. I aspire to become a millionaire next door and I teach Dave Ramsey’s personal finance principles. You are a role model. I am 21 years old and I don’t see anyone around me living as frugally as I am. When I see your results, it lets me know I’m on the right track and gives me something to look forward to in my future. You haven’t posted anything in 6 years. Please, write more!

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