Raising Money-Smart Kids

Tweet By Jen Smith, The Millionaire Mommy Next Door Once upon a time, Goldilocks went for a walk.  Pretty soon, she came upon her bank.  She asked the bank teller for her retirement account balance and when she was shown the number, she wept. Goldilocks returned home to assess her budget and see where she […]


Tweet The traditional view of achievement assumes that results come from a combination of talent and desire. Therefore, when you fail, it must be because you are not talented enough or that you don’t want it bad enough. However, failure also occurs when talent and desire are abundantly present — but optimism is missing! Why […]


Tweet How do we learn about money? 80% of parents surveyed believe that schools provide classes for their children on money management and budgeting. (source) Sorry to break the bad news, Mom and Dad — your kiddos probably aren’t learning personal finance in school. Our school system requires English, math and science, but not a […]


How to Make Money Management a Family Affair

by Millionaire Mommy Next Door on May 14, 2009

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Tweet We are raised to believe that talking about money is rude, embarrassing or boastful. But where has this belief gotten us? Without open discussion, money management often becomes a mysterious and difficult task, causing strife in our lives and relationships. Our children learn from our example. If we behave as though money management is […]


Tweet Happy Mother’s Day! While eagerly waiting for our adoption referral from China, we gave much thought to parenting. How would we raise our daughter to be strong and independent; sensitive and thoughtful; curious and happy? Obviously, I don’t believe money is the biggest determination of a meaningful and joyful life. Success and happiness come […]


Plan A and Plan B

by Millionaire Mommy Next Door on April 6, 2009

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Tweet In response to my recent post, Will your parents’ financial decisions leave you holding the bag?, Steve wrote, I agree with the premise that a person’s retirement should be taken care of before saving for a child’s education, but saving enough for one’s own future seems to be a moving target. When does a […]


Tweet Emma Johnson from MSN Money pitched me the link to her recent article, Will you end up supporting your parents?, and I have to confess, her article brought up very uncomfortable memories for me. 15 years ago, my mom and I started having conversations about how she planned to handle her retirement. She’d admittedly […]