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Tweet In response to my last post, Would You Ditch A Car For $1,000,000?, a reader made the comment: “As a grad student in an urban area, I don’t have a car (nor could I afford one) and I use public transit. … I wish there was a “big ticket” item like that that I […]


Tweet A study found that households with 3 or more cars are the single largest group among American car owners. The national average is 2.28 vehicles per household. Obviously, Americans are very much in love with the automobile. According to the AAA, the average American spends $9,369, excluding loan payments, to drive ONE medium sedan 15,000 […]


Tweet Recently, I wrote the “The World’s Shortest Guide On How To Be Thin and Rich“. Here’s the how-to-be-rich part, in it’s entirety: Spend less money than you earn (or to put it another way, make more money than you spend) Invest in your future That’s it! Truly, this is all it takes to achieve […]


One Year’s Worth of Weekly Cheap Dates

by Millionaire Mommy Next Door on February 13, 2009

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Tweet I’ve been happily married to the same man for over two decades. What is our secret to marital bliss? Besides the biggies like communication, respect, kindness, compromise, commitment and shared values, the answer is HAVING FUN! Especially now that we’re parents, we find it helpful — no, necessary — to set time aside for one-on-one […]