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One of my favorite things about having this website is hearing from you. Your emails make me smile, cry, laugh out loud, scratch my head and go hmmm. I read every single email and adore every single one of you. Seriously, your emails and comments make my day!

One of my least favorite things about this website is that sometimes I can’t keep up with my return correspondence. My #1 priority is spending boatloads of time with my fabulous hubness and adorable kiddo. After all, they were my financial freedom inspiration. I love them to the moon and back and around the universe so if they want me to drop everything, take a picnic to the park and search for animal clouds under a big shade tree for the rest of the day, I’m there. So if I do not respond to your email as quickly as you’d prefer, please understand.

If you have a question for me to answer that I think would be of interest to others, I will remove or change your identifying details/name and offer my response here on my blog. (If you don’t want me to print your question, please let me know.) If it’s a very specific and/or timely question, I encourage you to schedule a private, one-on-one telephone coaching appointment with me. Please visit my Coaching Page for detailed information and instructions.

Are you a member of the media or press?

Please visit my Press / Media Page and indicate “PRESS CONTACT REQUEST” in the subject line of your email.

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