The Investment Risk-Return Correlation

by Millionaire Mommy Next Door on August 18, 2010

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Tweet Q: Pam asks, “After my portfolio value dropped by 40%, I panicked and pulled out of the stock market. I have $150,000 sitting in my savings account, earning squat. I know I should put it back to work, but with the state of our economy, I don’t know what to do with it. Any […]


Tweet Wow. Thanks for all the curious/concerned emails lately asking, Where are you? All okay? It feels awesome to be missed :>) I’m fine; just took a blogging break. Actually, I’ve been writing a quite a bit lately, just not here… forums, media inquiry replies and interviews, a book proposal and outline, coaching followups, storybooks […]


Tweet I’ve been receiving emails lately from people asking questions like: “Is the stock market experiencing a true recovery or is this just a bear market rally?” “Do you think we’ll see a V, W, U or L shaped recovery?” “Should we expect deflation or inflation?” “When will my house be worth as much as […]


Mailbox: Outsourcing Edition

by Millionaire Mommy Next Door on July 18, 2009

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Tweet “When the economy tanked, I was forced to come out of retirement and work as a taxi driver.” Photo: Visit Puppies Are Prozac for a dose of adorable, funny animal photos to chase the grumpies away. Readers’ Questions Answered: “You mentioned being better at the business side of things, but what did you do […]


Tweet A reader asks, “Our family needs to move to another state soon because of my husband’s job transfer. But homes for sale in our area are sitting on the market for a long time. We have enough in savings to cover a couple months of mortgage payments after our move, but after that, our […]


Readers’ Questions Answered

by Millionaire Mommy Next Door on January 12, 2009

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Tweet Are you still renting? Will you ever buy a home again? Yes, we’re still renting. We’ve been renting since we sold our last home in May 2003 in anticipation of the housing market crash. As home prices plummet in today’s market, we’re watching the price-to-rent ratios. When this number drops once again to long-term […]