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Tweet Do you have a guest room but few friends? (sorry.) A formal dining room that looks pretty because it rarely sees a crumb? A formal living room that only gets walked through on the way to your home’s hub: the kitchen and family room? Spare rooms… you dust them, vacuum them, furnish them, paint […]


Why I’m Waiting Until After 2012 To Buy A Home

by Millionaire Mommy Next Door on April 25, 2010

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Tweet The real estate and mortgage industries are trying hard to convince us that NOW is a good time to buy a home. They use low mortgage interest rates and the soon to expire First-time Homebuyer Tax Credit program (which I qualify for since I’ve purposely been a renter for the last 6 years) as […]


Tweet I’ve been receiving emails lately from people asking questions like: “Is the stock market experiencing a true recovery or is this just a bear market rally?” “Do you think we’ll see a V, W, U or L shaped recovery?” “Should we expect deflation or inflation?” “When will my house be worth as much as […]


Realtors Might Not Have Your Best Interests At Heart

by Millionaire Mommy Next Door on July 9, 2009

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Tweet I made contingency-free, cash offers on three different houses this week. I used recent sold comps (comparables) and price-to-rent ratios to calculate a reasonable price. All three listing Realtors refused to present my offer to their sellers “because my bid wasn’t close enough to their asking price”. Even though Realtors are legally required to […]


Tweet Rebecca commented: I enjoy these posts – thanks for adding a voice of reason given the vast propensity to imagine the solution to the problem is doing more of the thing that caused the problem. We’ve collectively been telling ourselves the same stories so long it’s hard to ram home still that they *are* […]


Tweet My question has to do with the timing of buying (a home), especially in the current market. I would like to know from your perspective when a time to buy might be. I’m not asking for you to predict a date, but rather I’m interested to know what indicators and trends you might look […]


Tweet As the current lease on our rented condo rolls towards the end of the contracted dates, some of our friends are asking us, once again, when we plan to stop renting and buy our next home. When I share my findings that renting is still cheaper than owning in our town, some suggest we […]