Millionaire Mommy Next Door Hacked, Now Moved!

The unthinkable happened. My entire Google account was disabled. This means my blog, my email account, my calendar… the whole shebang… are gone.

I have followed all of the available instructions, filled out all of the forms… and all I get back from Google is this automated message: “Thank you for your report. The account in question is disabled, and we can’t provide you with access to it.” I have no idea why. I haven’t violated any of the terms of agreements so it appears that someone hacked into my account.

I was aware there was a tiny, remote risk of losing my blog because I used a blogspot domain, so thankfully I do have backups of everything I’ve written. But unfortunately, I had no idea that in the process, I could also lose everything else Google-related, too. Therefore, I didn’t have backups of my emails, contact list, documents or calendar.

I trusted Google, therefore I kept critical and important information in Google’s online applications. I made the mistake of thinking that offsite, online storage was safer than on my own PC. I was in the middle of email conversations with many people who, in many cases, I don’t know how to reach now. Over 6,000 archived emails, gone. Contact lists, gone. With my calendar wiped out, I don’t have the foggiest idea what appointments are scheduled ahead.

In retrospect, I realize how silly it was to count on Google to keep my data safe, so purdy-please-with-a-cherry-on-top, resist the urge to flog me about it!

Apparently my previous blogspot site will stay up for a few more days. The bad news is that I can’t sign in to post anything new. This means that I can’t even tell my blogspot readers what has happened and where they can find me next.

The good news is that if you’re reading this now, you managed to find me here! Welcome to my new home! And since I’m using my own url and domain hosting now, I’m here to stay.

If you tried to email me recently using my disabled account, I haven’t been able to receive it. Please contact me again using my new email account at Jen (at) millionairemommynextdoor (dot) com (replace “at” and “dot” first — I’m trying to deter the pesky spam bots).

If you are a feed subscriber: I think (hope!) I’ve managed to reroute the feed so you shouldn’t need to re-subscribe.

If you are a blogger and a super-dooper-groovy-nice person, please update your blogroll with my new url address. In losing my blogspot hosted url, my blog lost 9,890 incoming links. This means that my new blog starts all over again at zero — with no “Google juice” — so Internet searchers won’t be able to find me. If you’ve linked to my old blog in the past, please update the link(s). If you really like me, consider telling your readers in a post that I’ve moved to Thanks for your awesomeness!!!

Things I wish I knew before this happened:

How to back up your Google Apps data

How to make a Backup Google Account

Whether you use online or offline applications, backup redundantly. For instance, I just set up each of my email accounts to forward every email received to additional backup email accounts opened specifically for this purpose. Each email account will forward a copy to a newly acquired gmail, yahoo AND self-hosted email account.

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42 thoughts on “Millionaire Mommy Next Door Hacked, Now Moved!”

  1. Hi Jen! So sorry to hear this happened to you! A blogger’s worst nightmare. You’re taking it awfully well. As usual, getting right to fixing the problem. Truly admirable! I’ve already changed all the links from my blog to your new URL. I’m sure your numbers will be back up real soon. Oh, and I love your blog’s new look, too! : )

  2. wow – sorry to hear about that. No public flogging going to happen here – but google sync can back up your google calender into outlook if you want to have a copy on your computer.

    also I am super impressed you managed to re-route the feed. I just got the notification like it was a new blog entry on the old one ;)

    good luck with it all.

  3. Thanks for the warning. I had just switched to Gmail about a month ago because I’ve been having mail problems on my home system. I’m currently doing a local backup of mail to Thunderbird, so I’ll at least have the information here.

    And yes, the redirect to your new blog worked seamlessly in Bloglines.

  4. ouch. I’ve seen this happen to a few pro bloggers I subscribe to. And Google isn’t terribly responsive to it. *SOMETIMES* they’ll bring your account back.

  5. Oh good, I’m so happy to see that I was at least able to transfer the feed from my old blogspot domain to this new one!!

    Thanks, Shanel, for updating the links in your blog!

  6. Jen – is this really you? It seems weird for you to use terms like super-dooper-groovy-nice person” and “purdy-please-with-a-cherry-on-top”. I hope Google can help you out. Thanks for the backup link information.

  7. Mrs. Accountability, yes, it’s me. No hacker in their right mind would take over writing for a new blog with no “juice”. My goofy word choices? Must be due to all the Google frustration and the hours I’ve spent trying to figure out this WordPress blogging application. I’m tired and punchy!

  8. Gosh I am really sorry this happened. I also got your post just like it was old feed and there was an update listed on my blog site. The new look is very professional. I am also looking into updating my blog. Good Luck with the recovery.

  9. Wow, devestating….I am glad my e-mail subscription to you gets me here. I appreciate your info and wish you the best in the transition…

  10. Oh dear,

    This is the time to save a full copy of your Blogspot material, but knowing you, you’ve probably already done that. (if this is really you, not some joker who has hijacked your rss-feed)

    Hopefully someone nice at Google will try to get things back to normal fast.

    Take care

    (this comment form is very annoying, when there’s an error message (ie when you don’t fill your e-mail address), the comment is lost)

  11. So sorry about all the trouble. I received your blog with no problem. Continued success. Love your new look too!

  12. Now you see the downside to the wonderful new world of centralized applications and data stores, it the press of a button someone who you don’t even know can erase everything you’ve ever done.

    Rule #1: Never store importnat data on anything you can’t pick up yourself and take with you.
    Rule #2: Always have multiple copies of everything important, 2 on different drives in your computer and one on removable media.

  13. My gmail account was blocked for days without any explanation. I got no response from support. I tried to raise the issue to the media and it was ignored.

    Should you have any problems with Google then there’s nothing you can do – as you’ve found out.

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  15. Hi,

    I subscribe to your blog via RSS. Since I’d managed to find your new site, i presume your re-routing works?! ;-)


  16. Oh My! Sorry to hear that Jen. Im glad Im part of your RSS feeds! Thanks so much for the updates and for sharing this lesson with us. Nice new home!! Congratulations!

  17. I’ve often wondered what would happen if suddenly decided to shut down my account (I came close once: by including some links in trying to expose an online scam … wordpress has some ‘bits’ that thought I was promoting the scam).

    BTW: I am Millionaire Daddy Next door …. thought I was the only multi-millionaire blogger with a social conscience :) At least you have the TV show …

  18. Wow, how awful! But I found you and updated my blogroll so good for me. Silver lining: I must say, I love the new look!

  19. Jen, its great to see that you still in my blog on Google,
    I would hate to miss reading your good posts, I am
    keeping your URL in a safe place, in case Google
    cut me off from you.

    Wishing you good luck with your new blog site.

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  21. I wondered what had happened. It seemed a little long between posts. Hopefully, everything gets back to normal quickly. I updated all your links on my site. I wish more resources would be devoted to tracking these guys down. Instead they spent it at the SEC watching over the financial inst…oh, wait they didn’t do that either.

  22. Jen, we had trouble one time with our Google website, not having any access and they had shut us down with no warning! And since we were getting nowhere with it using regular channels, we wrote to the president of the company. I don’t know if the letter actually helped, … but we were back up online in less than a week.

    It can really make one feel helpless when access to all this information is suddenly ‘denied’!

    Hang in there, Jen. You are one impressive, persistent woman!

    You go girl!

  23. I have arrived here from Get Rich Slowly, where what happened to you was mentioned in a discussion about backing up one’s computer . I am wondering what the update on your situation is, because your old blog (, right?) is currently available. When I searched on Google for “millionaire mommy”, it turned up at the top and your new site turned up at the bottom of the first page. Are you going to be moving its archives over to your new blog? Your aplomb in dealing with this disaster is admirable!

  24. I think a lot of people may find it interesting if you’ll share your stats on how quickly it takes you to get your previous traffic back.

    I’ll try to link to you or mention you in an appropriate way; I don’t have a blog roll set up – I’m actually just getting started. It was easy to google for Millionaire Mommy and I had no problems finding you again.

    I’m sorry this happened to you!

  25. Ouch! That’s so terrible. I just updated my blogroll with your new info but so sorry you’re going through this.

  26. Jen,
    I’m so glad to have found you again – I thought something dreadful must have happened to make you stop posting. Glad it was “just” the website and not your family.

    Although speaking of your family, please tell what happened with your sister-in-law. Your blogposts on the old site stopped just after she disappeared, and I was convinced that was the reason you had stopped writing!

    Finding you again has quite made my evening. I have lots of posts to read/catch up on and will update your link on my website.


  27. Thanks, Jacqui. My SIL is still missing, unfortunately. The investigator has asked the family not to discuss the case, which is why I haven’t mentioned it again on my blog…

  28. Jen, I am so sorry that happened to you! I wondered what on earth was going on – I bookmarked SO many of your posts, your instructions on how to invest yourself instead of using an advisor, 10 keys to investing on your own, etc. I am just heartsick that all of that info is gone! (not nearly as heartsick as YOU, I am sure) :o(

    You are *such* an inspiration in all ways, not just financial. I have suffered terrible anxieties over the past few years, much of it due to financial issues. After following your blog, I realized that I can choose to think and feel differently about the challenges we face. That has made a lot of difference for me! We’re still paying down debt and turning the financial Titanic around, but we are doing it, and with smiles on our faces.

    Is there anyway to repost some of those older pieces of info that you had shared? 10 keys to investing on your own, etc. ? Your advice about books, or where to start? Anything! I feel so overwhelmed by it all.

    Thanks so much, blessings to you! Deb in Portland

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